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 Sample Story

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Keira's Master
Keira's Master

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PostSubject: Sample Story   Sample Story EmptyTue Sep 07, 2010 1:33 pm

An excerpt from one of our stories:

Her friends started toward her as Keira told them that it was alright; that she had not been taken. They looked up and Keira saw the pink clouds in their eyes.
“No! What’s wrong with you?” Keira asked in desperation.

The women lifted up their arms and each was holding a pendant and begun swinging them.
“Hypnotize Keira!” The women chanted. Keira saw what was happening and began backing away.

“No! I am your friend! I am trying to free you!” Keira pleaded with them.

“Hypnotize her! Hypnotize her!” The women continued chanting on emotionlessly. They were not slowed in their march toward her. Keira turned and ran down to the end of the hall. They would catch up to her, Keira realized she was trapped. She still felt strong in control of her mind but she wasn’t taking any chances and needed as much time as she could get to try and grab a hold of herself. Keira found herself backed into a corner in the master bedroom. Keira looked where they would appear any second and prepared herself for the mental showdown. This was it. The women came around the corner.

“Come with us Keira. Be like us.” They chanted.

“No.” Keira said strongly.

“You don’t know how good it feels. You must trust us.”

“You don’t know what you are saying! Let me talk to your master and I can free you!”

“Yes we will take you to him…” They said together. Keira smiled. At last she could finish this.
“…as his new slave!” The women finished. They pulled out the amulets and begun swinging them again.

“NO!” Keira screamed and tried to run but she could not move. The spell was working. The women closed in around her. Keira noticed that all the amulets were in perfect unison. This man must have some dark magic power. She realized she was fighting a losing battle, one she couldn’t win. Her eyes were locked onto the amulets. Keira fell to her knees in desperation as her friends closed in.

“Join us Keira!” The unison voices rang in her ears and all she could see were glowing green spirals. Keira's face was frozen in an expression of amazement as she let the spell invade her consciousness. She was being overcome.
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Sample Story
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